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a dietitian who doesn't put people on diets.

Yep, that's right. I help people like you ditch diets and create healthy habits that last so you can feel amazing from the inside out - for the long-term.

Together, we'll move you out of a dieting mentality (goodbye guilt) and into healthier habits that last (hello freedom). My philosophy? Small changes can lead to big outcomes. I like simple but effective. I know you're busy so let's hop to it! 

Ready to say so long to diets and hello to a healthy lifestyle?

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"I came to Lainey when I was training for competitive rock climbing but felt like my diet didn’t match up to my exercise plan. I wanted to learn how to actually eat healthy in a way that would fuel my climbing, and learn how to do it without becoming obsessive about my eating. Lainey helped me work on portion control, finding healthy recipes, making healthy swaps (like zucchini noodles for pasta), and learning more about which combinations of foods would keep me full and happy. Most importantly, however, Lainey helped me ease these transitions into my lifestyle which made them really easy to stick to. Her ideal and view that life should be lived with balance translated to her nutrition coaching, and she even worked with me to include ice cream/sweets into my plan, which made it feel more sustainable and not at all like a diet. Now, almost two years later, I still keep everything she taught me in mind and find myself still adhering to the changes she helped me make. I highly recommend Lainey if you want to make a change in your lifestyle and eating habits without feeling like you are on a diet. Also, if you are prone to being anxious and obsessive about “diets,” Lainey really helps you get out of that mentality and find a better balance."

-Rachel R., female, student, 21 years old




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"I worked with Lainey on a 6 month weight loss nutrition plan. I had always been pretty active and while I wasn't a skinny person I was fit. In 2014 after running the Boston Marathon I decided to take some time off from running and other activities. That led to some problems as I continued to eat as if I was active. This led to me gaining weight and becoming less active. In a year I had put on over 40 pounds. I tried doing things on my own but never dropped more than a couple of pounds and would always become discouraged. I decided I needed some help and after doing some research I reached out to Lainey. Right from the beginning Lainey made me feel comfortable with the process I was going through. We went over my goals and discussed what worked for me and what didn't. She provided me with a number of delicious and healthy recipes. She was always very supportive and there was never any judgement on her part. As time went on I saw the weight disappear. Something that hadn't happened in a while. I was able to change my way of thinking about food. By the time we finished I was well equipped to continue with what I learned during our time together. Not to mention I had lost quite a bit of weight. I would definitely recommend Lainey in a heartbeat for anyone looking to improve their eating habits and become a healthier person."

-GH, male, working professional, 49 years old

"I came to Lainey after years of feeling frustrated, anxious, and stressed about eating. I love the culture around food yet I found myself analyzing what I ate, which overshadowed the experiences I was having with friends and family during meals. With Lainey's thoughtful and supportive guidance, I've relaxed. I've been thinking about the number on the scale less, and instead, have been learning how to eat intuitively and let-go of dieting and fixations. It's an amazing feeling to travel and visit friends and be able to step out of my routine and enjoy the moments. Thank you, Lainey!"

-EA, female, working professional, 26 years old


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