Healthy habits for weight loss that lasts

Lose weight and keep it off, improve your relationship with food, and feel good in your body again.

If you want to lose weight without feeling hungry, restricted, or deprived, you’re in the right place.

Let’s get you off the diet roller coaster & into a healthy lifestyle that lasts!

Whether you’ve tried Noom, Whole30, counting calories, or something else, you’ve probably learned by now that if you can’t keep eating a certain way forever, you won’t maintain the results forever either.

If you want weight loss that lasts, then you need an entirely different approach. What worked in your 20s isn’t going to cut it anymore – especially if you’ve birthed a baby! It’s time to uplevel your mindset & habits for a healthy lifestyle that lasts.


    The Sustainable Weight Loss Method

    The Sustainable Weight Loss Method is our signature process for helping you feel good in your body again through habit changes that help you lose fat, tone up, and feel energized while eating more, not less.

    We know you’re busy with work, kids, or both, so we’ll help you be efficient with nutrition and exercise, while setting you up with healthy habits that last for life so your results last for life too.


      I’m Lainey

      dietitian and fellow mama who gets it

      I’ve had four babies in the last seven years, so trust me when I say that I understand the living-in-black-leggings-lifestyle but wishing you could feel good in real pants again. Guess what? You can. And you don’t have to diet to get there. You just need to make some simple shifts in your meals & workouts to set your metabolism up for weight loss that lasts.

      Ways to Work With Us

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      The Sustainable Weight Loss Method Jumpstart Course

      We recommend starting with our Jumpstart Course, which is a go-at-your-own pace program that teaches you about the core habits you should focus on for weight loss that lasts. You can apply your course investment to group coaching if you decide to upgrade later.

      The Sustainable Weight Loss Method Group Coaching Program

      Inside The Sustainable Weight Loss Method Group Coaching Program, you get access to recorded video modules, weekly live coaching, weekly review of your food journal, & more. Click below to get on the waitlist to be the first to know when doors open again.

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      1:1 Weight Loss Coaching

      Need more individualized support? Our 1:1 coaching program delivers nutrition and exercise recommendations tailored to your lifestyle. It includes virtual bi-weekly check-in sessions, weekly review of your food journal, unlimited messaging support, & more. Book a free 15 minute discovery call to learn more.

      Client Testimonials

      "I lost 10 lbs"

      "I lost about 10 pounds which I’m still shocked by because I never really restricted it just kind of all fell into place using all of the guidelines. I think for me the biggest change was getting away from the all or nothing mentality and realizing that if I choose to eat something indulgent I can and I can even feel good about it. I just need to decide what I want to add to my next meal to balance whatever decision I made... that has been really freeing."

      -Erin S., full-time teacher & mama

      Client Testimonials

      "I highly recommend this program if you're looking for real-talk, gentle accountability, and tangible tips..."

      "Before the program, I felt like I knew more than most about healthy eating and nutrition, but I still felt frustrated, unmotivated, and stuck. After the program, I felt empowered - more aware of my body and how to best nourish it. Lainey's approach to nutrition is wise, realistic, and all about giving yourself grace and freedom to still live your life. Lainey helped me realize how simple tweaks could give me the momentum I needed to implement changes that achieve results inside and out.
      -Jen S., Epidemiologist

      Client Testimonials

      "Lainey helped me ease these transitions into my lifestyle, which made them really easy to stick to."

      β€œLainey helped me work on portion control, finding healthy recipes, making healthy swaps, and learning more about which combinations of foods would keep me full and happy. Most importantly, however, Lainey helped me ease these transitions into my lifestyle which made them really easy to stick to.

      Her ideal and view that life should be lived with balance translated to her nutrition coaching, and she even worked with me to include ice cream/sweets into my plan, which made it feel more sustainable and not at all like a diet.”

      -Rachel R., busy professional

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